Professor Rose Luckin addresses GESS Dubai

Professor Rose Luckin was today addressing delegates, visitors and guests at the GESS Dubai Education Exhibition and Conference on the future of learning, young people and the impact of technology.

Her address focused on the need to extend learners’ intelligence beyond the routine cognitive processing of academic subject matter, and how this can be achieved more effectively.

GESS Dubai is a three-day event for educators of all levels, and includes more than 100 speakers and 250 conference sessions and workshops from global industry leaders and practitioners.

Professor Luckin outlined the work of the UCL EDUCATE programme and its recently-launched EDUCATE for Schools scheme and described how educational technology had the potential to revolutionise education. She said that advances in technology were already shaping the way people engage with teaching and learning.

She also examined the use of artificial intelligence in education and its many uses and capabilities in facilitating the learning process. Including in assessment and analysing pupil data for the best academic outcomes. Professor Luckin told the conference that educators and trainers needed better to understand AI, so they could help and support its development for educational purposes.

*Several EDUCATE companies have been named as Finalists in the GESS Awards 2019:
– Best Digital/VR/AI Product – Mangahigh
– Bet Free App/Software Product – Mathigon
– Best Paid-For App/Software product – Mangahigh
– Best Product to Promote Arts Music and Drama in the Classroom – Charanga
– Innovation Product Awards – Digital/Coding/Software – CENTURYTech
– Start-up company of the year – Teacherly

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