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Creating and recognising an evidence base of education technology

Alumni News, Blog / November 27, 2019

This article was first published on the website Innovate My School. Dorothy Lepkowska,  UCL EDUCATE’s Communications Lead examines the value of having an EdWard EdTech is one of the fastest growing areas of the technology industry. But with budget constraints and a plethora of online edtech platforms, tools and resources on the market, knowing how …

By Dorothy

Why Investors Should Keep An Eye on EdTech

Blog, Business Sector, Education Sector, Investment / November 12, 2019

Education technology is currently one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors. Dorothy Lepkowska, UCL EDUCATE’s Communications Lead, looks at why investors need to take more interest in this burgeoning industry. When the Education Foundation launched its EdTech Vision 2020, it could not have predicted how far the industry would have come in the intervening years, …

By Dorothy

Teaching business studies through film and video

Blog, Education Sector / October 18, 2019

Research suggests that students prefer visual and video material to text books when studying for the International Business (IB) curriculum. Dr Nukhet Vardar, CEO and founder of Brands Whisper’g, who jointly carried out the study, outlines the findings. During my years as a university lecturer I realised that I was integrating more audio visual materials …

By Dorothy

What education can learn from the technological revolution in healthcare

Blog, Education Sector, Ethics / October 16, 2019

The technological revolution that has swept the healthcare sector in the past two decades is now being felt in education. Carmel Kent, senior research fellow on the UCL EDUCATE programme, examines the parallels. The healthcare sector has undergone a revolution in the last 20 years following the pace of technological advances and the introduction of …

By Dorothy

MyPocketSkill, creating enterprise opportunities for young people

Blog, Business Sector / October 3, 2019

Zara Ransley, co-founder of MyPocketSkill, explains how she came up with the idea for her product, and how the UCL EDUCATE programme helped to develop the company to its current success. Before I started MyPocketSkill, I would sometimes help out with school enterprise programmes. You will probably be familiar with this set up: kids are …

By Dorothy

Ethics in EdTech development: why they’re important

Blog, Ethics, Events / September 4, 2019

UCL EDUCATE’S Principal Research Lead, Dr Alison Clark-Wilson, is a keynote speaker at the Ethical Issues and Gaining Ethical Approval Roundtable, being hosted by the British Educational Research Association next month. In this Q&A article, she explains why ethics are such an important aspect of EdTech development. Q: What problems do EdTech companies face with …

By Dorothy

Tech businesses today have an imperative to be responsible with the data

Blog, Business Sector, Events / September 3, 2019

David Savage, founder of the Tech Talks podcast, has been interviewing tech entrepreneurs on his show for three years now, and exploring the challenges and opportunities that technology can bring to our lives, across any and every sector. David will bring his considerable experience to our panel of expert judges at the GESAwards UK semi-finals, on …

By Dorothy

Cutting through the noise with PR

Blog, Business Sector / August 28, 2019

By Victoria Cameron, Senior Account Executive with Mango at PLMR As a member of the EDUCATE cohort, you’ve already demonstrated your commitment to investing significant time and resources into research and development.  As your idea and product evolves, it’s time to think about how you will present it to your target audiences. Strategic communications play …

By Dorothy

Can machines learn?

Artificial Intelligence, Blog / August 27, 2019

The second blog of our series on AI in education looks at machine learning, what it is and how it differs from human cognition Machine learning (ML) is a data-processing exercise and a sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI). The term refers to the construction of the software that enables machines to learn ‘through experience’ using …

By Dorothy

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