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AI, technology and digitalisation lead the way in personalised learning

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector / October 2, 2019

An inaugural report into global attitudes towards education and technology reveals the extent to which learners want to drive what, how and when they learn – both at school and in the workplace. Dorothy Lepkowska, UCL EDUCATE’s Communications Lead, unpicks the main findings. A major international report on the future of education shows artificial intelligence, …

By Dorothy

Have humans finally been defeated by AI?

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics / September 26, 2019

Last month, a new AI bot called Pluribus, developed jointly by Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University, beat top human poker players at their own game for the first time ever. Carmel Kent and Rose Luckin, Research Mentor and Director, respectively, of UCL EDUCATE, ask: ‘have humans finally been defeated by AI?’ We have seen AI …

By Dorothy

Watch Prof Rose Luckin talk about Language and AI at a Cambridge University Press conference

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector / September 10, 2019

Professor Rose Luckin explores the relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to education, with a focus on the teaching and learning of language, in a recent lecture at the Better Learning Conference 2019: Language and AI hosted by Cambridge University Press. In this talk she debates how AI can contribute to teaching and learning, and how …

By Dorothy

Can machines learn?

Artificial Intelligence, Blog / August 27, 2019

The second blog of our series on AI in education looks at machine learning, what it is and how it differs from human cognition Machine learning (ML) is a data-processing exercise and a sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI). The term refers to the construction of the software that enables machines to learn ‘through experience’ using …

By Dorothy

Just how ‘intelligent’ is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, Blog / August 20, 2019

With this blog, we are kicking off a short series of articles on AI in education to explore what the concepts of intelligence and learning mean in the context of AI. When thinking of artificial intelligence (AI), it is often too easy to think of dystopian films where intelligent robots have taken over the human …

By Dorothy

Co-founder of ethical AI institute calls for “global standard” in technology development

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector, Ethics / June 21, 2019

The Institute for Ethical AI in Education should lead the world on a uniform global standard that would oversee the development of the technology, one of its founders has said. Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of Buckingham University, and co-founder of the IEAIED with Professor Rose Luckin, the director of UCL EDUCATE and Priya Lakhani, the …

By Dorothy

Tassomai to launch personalised research-led intervention videos for students with knowledge gaps in science

Artificial Intelligence, Business Sector, Education Sector / May 16, 2019

One of UCL EDUCATE’s most successful companies has launched a revolutionary learning intervention, after research showed it helped students fill in the gaps in their science knowledge. Tassomai, which uses quiz-based online learning, is to offer short video clips to students who lack knowledge in specific science concepts. Its algorithm will work out where the …

By Dorothy

Professor Rose Luckin delivers Gresham College Lecture on AI and learning

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector / April 10, 2019

Heads, teachers and education policy-makers need to be less risk-averse and more willing to embrace the potential of technology, if they are to help learners develop a skills-set for the 21st century, Professor Rose Luckin, the director of UCL EDUCATE, said. Delivering the Gresham College Lecture on AI and Education: The Reality and the Potential, …

By Dorothy

EDUCATE for Schools programme unveiled at the Bett Show

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector, Ethics / January 25, 2019

The EDUCATE programme has unveiled its EDUCATE for Schools resource, during a keynote session at the Bett Show 2019. A packed Bett Arena heard from Professor Rose Luckin, EDUCATE’s director and Gary Kynaston, the headteacher of Hammersmith Academy, in west London, who has worked with the programme’s researchers on piloting the scheme. EDUCATE for Schools …

By Dorothy

Wizenoze gains partnership with Pearson

Alumni News, Artificial Intelligence / November 1, 2018

EDUCATE member, Wizenoze, has signed a new partnership with Pearson UK, during the same week as it showcased its AI technology to the King and Queen of The Netherlands during their State Visit to the UK. Wizenoze, a specialist AI company, was chosen by the Global Entrepreneurs Programme at the Department of International Trade, and …

By Ceri Sunu

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