The 60-second Interview

Getting to know…Dr Chibeza Agley, CEO and Co-Founder of CamBioScience


CamBioScience provides intensive training courses in breakthrough life science technologies for professionals in academia and industry. To date the company has trained an international customer base of professional scientists from over 60 leading academic and industrial institutions and more than 30 countries worldwide.


So, Chibeza, tell us, what are life sciences and why are they important?

The life sciences are one of the most fascinating collection of disciplines because they are all about the components and systems that give rise to and maintain the incredible phenomenon that is life! Through our courses, conferences and eLearning platform (OBRIZUM), our company is involved in making sure academic and industrial institutions all over the world have access to, and are able to implement, emerging life science technologies that will change the future of humankind. It’s a big job, but super exciting!

Who inspired you most in your success?

My co-founders, Dr. Juergen fink (COO) and Dr. Sarra Achouri (CMO). Throughout the process of establishing and developing our business they have demonstrated incredible intellect and creativity, resilience, commitment, friendship and loyalty to a level that I never knew was possible. It is a daily inspiration to me. If we are successful in business this fellowship will undoubtedly be the reason for it.

Cognac or cocktails?

Both, depending on the occasion! If I can only have one, then I’ll go for the Cognac.

What keeps you awake at night?

The many responsibilities and tasks associated with ensuring the continued growth and development of CamBioScience Ltd.

If you could meet one famous person, living or dead, who would it be, and why?

Nelson Mandela. He was a remarkable leader with a clear vision. He remained committed to his mission despite immense pressure, powerful opposition, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

What advice would you have given your teenage self?

Maybe I would have told my teenage self to take life a little less seriously. I have always been a bit of an obsessive workaholic.

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