Who are you?

James Bryce, CEO and founder of gweek

What do you do?

gweek is the thought leader behind speech intelligence; we design assessments and learning experiences in speech and communication skills. We provide a full curriculum service for agile, adaptive and authentic speech and communication. Soft skills, amongst which communication is key, is now recognised as in bigger demand than technical skills.

Speech intelligence learning is a step change away from the traditional presentation and public speaking courses. Enterprises and schools engage us as a service. We also have a mini version of gweek available on the app stores.

Our proprietary technology is capable of analysing a speaker in real-time. We turn this analysis into skills improvement opportunities; with bite-sized, personalised learning modules. We can track and train all essential skills related to delivery and argumentation structure. Rather than point you to video tutorials, we invite you to learn-as-you-talk.

Our big drive at the moment is to increase the employability of young people, who are going through university or job interviews.

What educational challenge are you trying to address?

Speech and communication behaviours are resistant to change. It is a challenge for educators that has never been properly met.  As a result, many of us can only learn through bitter experience. Look at how many public speakers still rely on memorising what they want to say, or read from scripts, and even teleprompters. Neither route is speech intelligent.

We’re all speech intelligent, and we all have access to this amazing power to communicate. We do need to be shown how to stay clear, confident and structured though.

What impact did the EDUCATE programme have on your product and company?

We have gained a language, vocabulary and formal structure around how to describe ourselves. We had spent many years developing mathematical models for speech and communication, which is entirely different to studying it as an academic exercise. Joining EDUCATE gave us research approaches which help us go the next step in identifying our impacts, as well as a rigour and a language to enable us to describe what it is we are doing.

What impact has achieving an EdWard had on you personally, and on your company or product?

Achieving an Evidence-Aware EdWard will help us to enrich the conversation around what we do. As a Founder, it has also given me the confidence I need to discuss our service. I had fantastic mentors on the programme who were able to frame what I am doing from their perspective.

What advice would you give to prospective EDUCATE participants?

I would definitely recommend the programme, which was extremely well executed. It is a very clever blend, which finds the sweet spot between the research and business agenda. The framework unfolds over time. It’s always practical, and relevant. I always felt I was working on the business.

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