Who are you?
Alex Mohacs, founder and customer manager, Fraim.

What do you do?
We analyse video and audio files using automatic speech and natural language processing. We analyse the recorded files and provide information that enables educators to teach more efficiently, and students to learn more effectively.
We were part of Cohort 7 of the EDUCATE programme.

What educational challenge are you trying to address?
Right now, there are students sitting in colleges and universities, or in classes with their tutors taking notes through listening to what their tutors are saying. Those words contain facts, sources, ideas statistics, which have to be remembered.
Fraim transforms how people interact with speech-based information and changes how they access that information. Transcribing notes is not an efficient or effective use of their time. If there is a recording, we can analyse it and pick out the required and relevant information. A transcript which has been analysed, can even explain some of the concepts that might be difficult to understand in a speech or lecture.
We are currently working towards ensuring the product is well positioned for the education market, and some universities are already using Fraim.

What impact did the EDUCATE programme have on your product and company?
Being a part of the EDUCATE programme saved us six months and tens of thousands of pounds because it has shortened the journey and taken us down the right track.

We have had access to people within the technology and education industries who have made us think about what we are doing, and the many functions that our product could have.

It’s also taught us what empirical evidence is and doors have been opened to us to speak to people with whom we’ve been able to have frank and open conversations about how to develop this product.

What advice would you give to prospective EDUCATE participants?
The EDUCATE programme may not help you build your application or hire your best team or put money in your bank account. It does something more important – it helps you to develop a different skills-set, to ensure you’re building the right product for the right people and will give you a real sense of the education environment, as well as opportunities and challenges to think about what you’re developing.


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