Who are you?

Charlotte Lærke Weitze, founder of Digital & Creative Learning Lab.

What do you do?

Digital & Creative Learning Lab’s Online academy: ‘Pedagogical practices for teacher teams’ supports teachers to create and implement innovative pedagogical practices with their colleagues in schools, often involving edtech.  We help them to develop new learning strategies and methods that enable them to create continuous competence development within their teacher teams, based on each member’s priority or need for change. Put simply, we enable teachers to develop a new organisational learning design for their own educational institutions.

The online education is currently offered in Danish but will be launched in English in February 2020.

What educational challenge are you trying to meet?

Teachers experience a constant need for development and change in their working life. At many educational institutions, this involves the introduction to, and use of, new educational technologies. For the individual teacher it can be challenging and may become a burden to engage and succeed in these development and implementation projects. Studies have shown that teachers need support to develop innovative pedagogical competencies.

What impact did the EDUCATE programme have on your product and company?

Being a part of EDUCATE is an interesting journey and, for us,  it has not ended yet. It has been very inspiring and interesting to receive supervision, participate in the workshops, meet other learning technology companies, and as part of the EDUCATE family, be able to participate in all the events around the EDUCATE programme. EDUCATE has been a very valuable support and sparring partner in the continued research-based development of our programme.

As a researcher working within learning and technology, I found it valuable to discuss the learning design of the online education with peers from EDUCATE. I am new in the entrepreneurial business and EDUCATE helped me to define the most burning problems as we became a more commercial programme. I have been challenged to enter discussions and participate in workshops with school managers and teachers in order to design a programme that meets their needs in their daily lives. An investigation of the efficiency of the programme has also taken place as a qualitative research project in a beta-test version of the course with teachers.

What impact has/will achieving an EdWard had/have on you personally, and on your company or product?

Achieving an EdWard makes Digital & Creative Learning Lab part of a research-based edtech community. Validation is crucial when thinking about the responsibility and promise of delivering efficient and motivating technology-enhanced education, especially given the amount of money spent on edtech. It is an honour to become part of the EDUCATE EdWard community – to provide validated, efficient and motivating technology-enhanced education.

What advice would you give to prospective EDUCATE participants?

EDUCATE offers a plethora of opportunities to develop and validate your educational technology research- and business-wise. This comes as a combination of learning materials and close supervision. No matter where you are on your journey with your educational technology, you will be challenged in a valuable way, and that this will take you to new places, making you able to provide even better value for your users.

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