Virtual Hub services [draft]


For all virtual hub-related support, please use the web support form or email

The aim is to provide a flexible service, but sufficient notice is needed to ensure workload can be managed. Aim to give notice at least equivalent to the turn-around targets indicated below, and consider the queue for projects in the roadmap.

Participant support

If you can’t assist participants, direct them to use the web support form or email

Support requests are normally resolved within 3 days, subject to staff availabilities and workloads.


For example: Publishing news items, simple page updates and login assistance.

Business-as-usual requests are normally resolved within 3 days, subject to staff availabilities and workloads.

Use the web support form for these standard requests.

New projects and change requests

This work needs to be scheduled and prioritised according to the roadmap.

Smaller requests (for example: a new web section) can take 1-2 weeks. Where practical, these are incorporated into business-as-usual work schedules.

Medium projects (for example: setting up ‘smart badges’, developing analytics or  mailing list setup) typically take at least a month from start to finish, but need to be scheduled considering current work in the roadmap.

The current Virtual hub capacity is approximately 2 medium projects a month.

Larger projects (for example a website redesign) will take 2-3 months upwards.

New systems should be procured with involvement of the Virtual hub developer to ensure proper integration and support.

Use the new project form to faciliate these requests.

LEAN support

The in-application help links may be used for immediate support needs. To raise change requests or report ongoing problems, use the web support form or new project form as appropriate. These are addressed with the LEAN team via regular meetings.

General IT support

General IT support requests should be referred to IoE IT (Tony Farrell, x 06704).

Approvals and workflows

Public facing content should be approved via Marketing and Communications (Dorothy Lepkowska-Hudson), with other staff delegated for specific website areas (e.g. Research team).

Virtual hub meetings

Regular meetings for virtual hub stakeholders are planned, to support continuous improvement.