Version Features Date Status
1.0 Basic website design and functionality Done
Restricted areas Done
Participant training material Done
Website visitor analytics Done
Team and participant accounts Done
Zoom setup Done
Lean case dashboard improvements Done
Mailing list May 2018 Done
Lean privacy features May 2018 Done
Privacy policy and dashboard June 2018 In review
Photo gallery/s
Participant analytics v1 May 2018 Done
Participant analytics v2 June 2018 July 2018 Pending
Participant bookings June 2018 In release review
Help and staff pages June 2018 In release review
Scheduled release of training materials June 2018 In testing
Smart badges June 2018? TBC
Participant progress checkboxes? TBC TBC
Lean notifications
Team WordPress introduction
CRM and integration? TBC
Export and email pages?
2.0 Website redesign?
Alumni area
Lean product boards
Community areas
Research repository