Research Competition

We are running a school student research competition and would like to invite school children to participate. We would like to form a link between schools and University College London. Students will get the chance to run a real life research project as well as access many of the talks and opportunities UCL has to offer. In addition, your school will have access to important research conducted at UCL as well as have the opportunity to participate in various educational research projects should you be interested.

What the project involves

Groups from different schools will work on one of the following challenges of their choice:

  • “Spaces for teenagers – enhancing the quality of life for young people in their communities”
  • “Pollution in big cities – how to tackle the increasingly big problem of polluted air damaging our health”

They will work on this independently for a certificate from UCL or as part of an EPQ qualification.

They will need to understand the problem, come up with a potential solution, develop a prototype which may involve collecting some data (e.g. through surveys), testing it out in the real world and produce a final presentation of their findings and possible answers.

We will run the final presentations from all schools at a special day at UCL and to have an award for the best school as chosen by a panel of judges.