Watch Prof Rose Luckin talk about Language and AI at a Cambridge University Press conference

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector

Professor Rose Luckin explores the relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to education, with a focus on the teaching and learning of language, in a recent lecture at the Better Learning Conference 2019: Language and AI hosted by Cambridge University Press.

In this talk she debates how AI can contribute to teaching and learning, and how it helps students and educators progress their understanding and knowledge more effectively. Professor Luckin, director of the UCL EDUCATE programme, explains how machine learning works, and the potential of AI to facilitate academic progress.

Professor Luckin, who is also co-founder of the Institute for Ethical AI in Education (IEAIED), outlined the various intelligences people possess and why the ‘human touch’ of teachers will remain important, regardless of how sophisticated and advanced AI becomes. AI can augment the work being done with learners, she said, in particular in tutoring and assessment processes, but humans – at least for now – remain smarter.

Professor Luckin also described the work being done by the UCL EDUCATE programme with EdTech technologists and innovators, and the importance of collaboration and the use of research evidence in the design and the development of effective EdTech, including AI. She called for more educators to have an input and involvement in EdTech innovation.

You can view the lecture here.

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