Peapodicity wins Gold Award for augmented reality “encyclopaedia” cards

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Peapodicity, which was part of cohort 8 of UCL EDUCATE, has been awarded a Gold award for one of its AugmentifyIt learning tools by leading parents’ group, Made for Mums.

After being independently tested by over 500 child and parent testers, influencers and toy industry experts, the company was awarded the top spot in the website’s Toy Awards 2019 in the “Best science/STEM toy or kit” category, for its AugmentifyIt AR Ocean Animal Cards.

The tool allows children to learn about marine life, and comprises a deck of cards featuring sea animals, including a sea turtle; octopus and pufferfish. The cards come to life with the free AugmentifyIt AR app, allowing learners to view the animals in 3D. Each card contains a series of facts about each creature and users can also access a quiz in the app, to test their knowledge.

Ahrani Logan, the CEO & cofounder of Peapodicity, said: “My 10 year-old loves factual books and encyclopaedias but these can be large and cumbersome to carry around.

“She has been playing on the iPad since the age of three. So, my cofounder and CTO, Brett Haase, and I developed the idea of a deck of cards on specific topics which could be carried around and used interactively by learners, both at home and in the classroom.

“Marine life is currently of huge interest to children and young people, because of the huge media focus on plastic pollution and climate change. They are passionate about the environment, and with these cards we have tried to bring the oceans to life to allow them to understand and see the creatures they are trying to help.

“We also want to make science more accessible and fun, so that young people become excited by science and might consider further study and a career in STEM subjects later.”

It is not the first time that the company has won awards for its learning tools. In previous years Peapodicity won the Best Science Toy Gold award for its AugmentifyIt AR Space cards and the Bronze for Elements – The Periodic Table Of Me, with the MadeForMums testers.

Its products are aimed at children from Reception through to KS3, but have also been popular with adults who love lifelong learning.

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