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Have humans finally been defeated by AI?

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics / September 26, 2019

Last month, a new AI bot called Pluribus, developed jointly by Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University, beat top human poker players at their own game for the first time ever. Carmel Kent and Rose Luckin, Research Mentor and Director, respectively, of UCL EDUCATE, ask: ‘have humans finally been defeated by AI?’ We have seen AI …

By Dorothy

Tales Toolkit double Gold winner in Nursery World Awards 2019

Alumni News, Business Sector / October 9, 2019

Tales Toolkit, members of cohort 8 of the UCL EDUCATE programme, has won double Gold in this year’s Nursery World Awards. The company was a winner in the Prime Areas and Literacy categories in the publication’s World Equipment & Resources Awards. Tales Toolkit provides interactive, child-led resources aimed at early years, using easy to remember symbols …

By Dorothy

MyPocketSkill, creating enterprise opportunities for young people

Blog, Business Sector / October 3, 2019

Zara Ransley, co-founder of MyPocketSkill, explains how she came up with the idea for her product, and how the UCL EDUCATE programme helped to develop the company to its current success. Before I started MyPocketSkill, I would sometimes help out with school enterprise programmes. You will probably be familiar with this set up: kids are …

By Dorothy

AI, technology and digitalisation lead the way in personalised learning

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector / October 2, 2019

An inaugural report into global attitudes towards education and technology reveals the extent to which learners want to drive what, how and when they learn – both at school and in the workplace. Dorothy Lepkowska, UCL EDUCATE’s Communications Lead, unpicks the main findings. A major international report on the future of education shows artificial intelligence, …

By Dorothy


Alumni News, Business Sector, Events / September 19, 2019

Two UCL EDUCATE programme participants took the runner-up spots in the British semi-finals of the GESAwards 2019. Nature Bytes, which was part of cohort 8 and Ketka, from cohort 10, were among 12 of the top EdTech companies in the UK competing for a place in the global competition taking place in London, in January. …

By Dorothy

Watch Prof Rose Luckin talk about Language and AI at a Cambridge University Press conference

Artificial Intelligence, Education Sector / September 10, 2019

Professor Rose Luckin explores the relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to education, with a focus on the teaching and learning of language, in a recent lecture at the Better Learning Conference 2019: Language and AI hosted by Cambridge University Press. In this talk she debates how AI can contribute to teaching and learning, and how …

By Dorothy

Ethics in EdTech development: why they’re important

Blog, Ethics, Events / September 4, 2019

UCL EDUCATE’S Principal Research Lead, Dr Alison Clark-Wilson, is a keynote speaker at the Ethical Issues and Gaining Ethical Approval Roundtable, being hosted by the British Educational Research Association next month. In this Q&A article, she explains why ethics are such an important aspect of EdTech development. Q: What problems do EdTech companies face with …

By Dorothy

Tech businesses today have an imperative to be responsible with the data

Blog, Business Sector, Events / September 3, 2019

David Savage, founder of the Tech Talks podcast, has been interviewing tech entrepreneurs on his show for three years now, and exploring the challenges and opportunities that technology can bring to our lives, across any and every sector. David will bring his considerable experience to our panel of expert judges at the GESAwards UK semi-finals, on …

By Dorothy

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