MyTutor Commended by Think Tank Reform

With the vision to transform the way people connect with the best tutors, MyTutor was founded in 2013. Today, they are the leading online tutoring provider used by over 10,000 students across the UK and beyond. MyTutor were part of the first cohort of participants on the EDUCATE programme.

The work of EDUCATE participants, My Tutor, has been commended in a key report into the use EdTech to support the learning of disadvantaged children, and how it can bridge the gap in achievement between pupils from different backgrounds.

The study, Beyond Gadgets: EdTech to help close the opportunity gap, from the independent think-tank, Reform, examines the need within the English education system to address inequality of opportunity for groups of the population.

MyTutor features as an example of how technology can provide opportunities by offering one-to-one on-line tutoring at a cost that is accessible to families. The company’s own research, conducted as part of the EDUCATE programme, indicated that students receiving online tuition for more than one term make three times greater progress than those who receive none.

James Burton, Head of Data at MyTutor, said: “The Impact Report enabled us to provide robust evidence for how innovative and scalable solutions such as MyTutor can deliver transformational outcomes at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
“It is the first of what we hope to be many opportunities to help shape the sector through applied evidence.”


Visit the MyTutor website to find out more. 

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