The UCL EDUCATE programme combines our expertise in both designing educational research and business development to support entrepreneurs wishing to make an impact in education.

During the programme we:

  • help developers to access and use research evidence to inform the design of their product or service;
  • offer opportunities to work directly with educators and learners to ensure products are more effective and useful;
  • support the design of pilot evaluations to gather evidence to demonstrate the value and impact of different ideas; and
  • help companies to enhance their business skills and acumen, so they can develop and commercialise their ideas.

Can your product or service be used to support educational objectives?

This includes technology products or services which have been designed specifically for education, as well as those that are not confined to education, but could be adapted for educational purposes.

Are you research-ready?

By research-ready, we mean:

  1. You either have a product or service that you have taken to market and want to continue to develop, or you have a concept for a product or service and have begun taking steps to validate it.
  2. You are willing to engage with academic research as part of your product or service development.

If it’s a ‘yes’ on both accounts, then you want to take part in the UCL EDUCATE programme!

Are you based outside of the UK?

We are launching UCL EDUCATE Digital, our online research accelerator programme, later in 2019 to help you advance your EdTech business wherever you are based in the world.

Register your interest here.

Are you based in the UK?

We have now closed our applications for 2019. Register your interest to participate in the UCL EDUCATE programme in London by completing the form below, and you’ll be the first to know when the applications open again.



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