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Dr. Alison Clark-Wilson

/ January 15, 2019

  Over 25 years of global experience in STEM education as a teacher, lecturer and researcher in the design, scaling and evaluation of EdTech.

By Ceri Sunu

Santiago De Ossorno Garcia

/ January 15, 2019

A psychologist with research and practice in mental health within educational settings and aspects of bullying prevention in classrooms using technology.

By Houtan Froushan

Dr. Carmel Kent

/ January 15, 2019

Carmel has over 20 years of industry and academic experience, having worked for IBM research, EdTech and healthcare providers’ companies and startups, as a software engineer, data scientist, entrepreneur, teacher and a researcher.  Carmel’s focus is on computational methods for education and social science, online learning communities and learning analytics. 

By Houtan Froushan

Dorothy Lepkowska

/ January 9, 2019

Dorothy Lepkowska is EDUCATE’s Press Relations Lead. She has been an education writer for nearly 30 years, and has worked as a communications professional with a number of educational organisations.

By Dorothy

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