Evidence Aware

EdWARDS Evidence aware

The Evidence Aware EdWard signifies that the company has successfully completed the EDUCATE programme, demonstrating a clear understanding of how to apply research methods within the company’s context.



The criteria used to gauge successful completion will be based on the company’s:

  • Engagement – attending the majority of events on the EDUCATE learner journey, making use of the UCL LEAN platform, and engaging positively with the programme
  • Progression – being able to reflect on progression, what has been learnt and how this has impacted on the approach to developing the business or product
  • Outputs – developing a logic model or theory of change for the product or service and a research proposal with a clear research question that demonstrates and understanding of basic research concepts and that the company is ‘research ready’.

Application form

Submission Windows.

You may submit your application at any time during a submission window. The outcome of your application will be communicated within 2 weeks of the submission window deadline date.

Submission Window Deadline Date
March – May 2019 Sunday 05 May 2019
June – August 2019 Friday 30 August 2019
September – December 2019 Friday 29 November 2019

EdWards Appeals Process

It is possible to appeal the outcome of your EdWard submission in which you should reapply providing additional information that responds to the feedback you will have received.

You should submit this no later than 10 working days after the date on which you received your outcome notification. Appeals will be addressed and responded to within 10 working days.

Companies are entitled to one appeal at each level of submission. The decision of the panel is final.

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