The EDUCATE Exemplar EdWARD signifies that the holder has been recognised by the EDUCATE programme as being an exemplar of the “EDUCATE” approach in terms of acquisition and use of evidence.

The EDUCATE programme’s distinct focus is on pedagogical research and ‘what works’. Each year a panel of eminent experts considers nominations for edTech companies that are not only successful as businesses but have been rigorous in their application of research methods and use of evidence to have a real world, positive social impact.

Successful small to medium sized ed tech companies can be nominated, whether or they have previously completed the EDUCATE programme. [One company is recognised each year, though up to five others may be short-listed.] Key decision-making criteria considered are the extent to which the company:

  • has undertaken rigorous, replicable research to develop and test the efficacy of its products or services
  • can demonstrate a real world, positive social impact
  • has given back in other ways to the wider educational community.

The 2018 expert panel with x and y, chaired by Professor Rose Luckin, EDUCATE Programme Director, recognised that xxxxxx had demonstrated …………….