EDUCATE Digital: EdTech Accelerator

Following the success and impact of UCL EDUCATE research accelerator in the London EdTech sector, and due to the international demand for access to the programme, we are launching EDUCATE Digital: EdTech Accelerator programme!

Designed for EdTech entrepreneurs and start-ups around the world, it will be the first EdTech research accelerator available globally, online. Educationalists and technologists will have access to the best in class research and business training created by the prestigious UCL Institute of Education and School of Management. We connect EdTech entrepreneurs and start-ups with academics, who support access to high quality evidence and educators. They support the design and piloting of EdTech products and services, by drawing on their pedagogical expertise.

Our online programme will be delivered in a highly engaging, immersive learning environment that enables entrepreneurs at every level to advance their EdTech business. Our aim is to remain at the forefront of designing and developing pioneering EdTech, to revolutionise how teachers teach, and students learn – and to ensure impactful, meaningful EdTech is an innovative force in schools.

The online accelerator will cover research and business training to;

  • help developers use research evidence to inform the design of their product and service.
  • offer opportunities to work directly with educators and learners to ensure products are effective and useful.
  • set up evaluations to demonstrate the value and impact of different concepts.
  • help companies to enhance their business skills and acumen, so they can develop and commercialise their ideas.

With over 200 companies supported so far and the increase in investment in the sector, UCL EDUCATE aims to create better EdTech entrepreneurs, resulting in better EdTech companies.

EDUCATE Digital is launching in November 2019 so please sign up below for further information. We’ll keep you up to date with information and you will be one of the first international EdTech entrepreneurs to be part of our exciting new programme.



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