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By Victoria Cameron, Senior Account Executive with Mango at PLMR

As a member of the EDUCATE cohort, you’ve already demonstrated your commitment to investing significant time and resources into research and development.  As your idea and product evolves, it’s time to think about how you will present it to your target audiences.

Strategic communications play a central role in any business development but after spending so much time in R&D, it can be challenging to gain perspective and create an effective ‘public face’ for your brand.

This is where the value of public relations comes into play.

Public relations (PR), is the practice of managing the relationships between a business and the public. It is a practice that focuses on developing positive communications with target audiences for the purposes of brand promotion, building a positive reputation and managing its public image.

The success and survival of any businesses is inextricably linked to its reputation as how your brand is perceived, determines the degree to which stakeholders want to work with, and support your brand and products.

In the context of EdTech, the value of PR becomes even more apparent. Education technology covers all manner of resources, from adaptive learning and digital textbooks to virtual learning environments and intervention platforms – market saturation is only set to increase. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that education is a $6 trillion USD industry yet, edtech reportedly receives less than 3 per cent of this global expenditure. So, how will your brand stand out from the crowd?

In a nutshell, PR can help achieve your overarching objectives by:

  • Increasing awareness
  • Strengthening relationships with key stakeholders
  • Increase influence in the EdTech sector
  • Increase revenue (though this is a slower process and more difficult to measure with PR)

Having a strong understanding of the basics of PR can go a long way with your brand development as this awareness will empower you to see opportunities for profile raising where you may not have before. For example, positive PR can proactively be generated for product launches, award wins or demonstrating impact with end-users.

That said, it’s important to underpin your PR activity with a strategy that will help achieve your objectives. To do this, you’ll want to consider: what your objectives are, who you are trying to reach, which outlets are the most appropriate targets, and which PR tactics will be the most effective.

If you would like to learn more about how public relations and social media can boost your business, sign up to our next marketing workshop on 25 September.

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