Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation names MyCognition as a leader in the field of cognitive function and education

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One of UCL EDUCATE’s most successful companies has been named by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as leading in the area of cognitive function in education.

The accolade was part of a recent review of the technology sector dedicated to the measurement and improvement of cognitive/executive function in education. MyCognition was a participant of the EDUCATE programme at the end of 2017, and a recipient of an Evidence-Aware EdWard quality mark in 2018 and the Evidence-Applied EdWard in 2019.

The document, entitled Executive Function: Skills for Student Success, stated: “For some, gaining (NIH, FDA or NHS) regulatory approval is the milestone for establishing their credibility and effectiveness. The list of companies achieving this is small, but notable are: [in first place] MyCognition, a cognitive assessment and training program”.

Intentional Futures, which undertook the global review for the Gates Foundation, added that “MyCognition’s combined assessment-intervention approach is a true differentiator… a few companies try to do both; MyCognition is the most comprehensive.”

Keiron Sparrowhawk, Founder of MyCognition said: “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put MyCognition as a leader in cognitive functions. We recognise this responsibility and will work with governments and education suppliers to ensure that globally, children get access to our cognitive health assessment and improvement programs.”

He added that the Gates Foundation Report had identified four key messages relating to the importance of cognitive functions: that measurements of cognition are predictive of student academic success; that cognition is not fixed, but can be trained, practiced and improved; that cognitive dysfunction is linked to mental health, including addiction, ADHD, depression, OCD, and schizophrenia; and that success in adulthood depended on good cognition.

“In each case, MyCognition is leading on scientific research and successfully working with schools across the sector to improve learning outcomes and resilience,” Keiron added.

The Gates Foundation is thought to be the largest private foundation in the world, and aims to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, globally, and in the United States to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology.


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