Bett 2017

Time Slot Company Our collaboration
10.00-12.00 Curiscope Curiscope is creating amazing VR for educational purposes. We are hoping to help them with their evaluation of their VR in use.
10.00-12.00 TSL TSL provide a virtual classroom to link learners to human tutors via audio and shared whiteboard. We are helping TSL to use AI to automate the process of evaluating the quality of the tutorial interactions between tutors and learners.
12.00-14.00 Blue Sauce Blue Sauce produce engaging AR for learners in the form of augmented paper worksheets. We are hoping to help Blue Sauce evaluate the efficacy of these worksheets and explore their potential
12:00 – 13.00 Edurio (TBC) Edurio is a web based platform for schools to collect feedback from students, parents and teachers in an effort-free way and produce insightful results to teachers, school leaders and regulators. Edurio and UCL Knowledge Lab have an EU funded project through which they will progress this work to develop better questions, and better analysis and feedback.
13:00 – 14:00 Turing Lab (TBC) Turing Lab teach coding to seal groups of  young learners through their teaching platform. We have been offering them advise about the design of their interventions.
14.00-16.00 Kano Kano have produced a beautiful computer for young learners to build and use. We are hoping to work with them to develop a rigorous evaluation of their product.
14:00 – 15:00 Whizz Education We have worked together in the next generation virtual tutor platform iTalk2learn, an EU co-funded project that explores speech technology and direct manipulation interaction to provide intelligent and individualized interventions to primary math students. We are also collaborating in a large scale evaluation of Math Whizz Tutor in Aguascaliantes, Mexico.
15.00-17.00 TeachPitch  TeachPitch help teachers find the best resources to meet their needs. We are working with them to explore how AI could improve their services for teachers.
16.00 – 17.00 SAM Labs (TBC)  SAM Labs produce programmable physical device modules that can be used to build all manner o things from cars to science experiments. One of our UCL PhD students is working with SAM Labs to explore the learning potential of their devices.