About the EDUCATE Offer

EDUCATE is a collaboration between UCL, The Education Foundation, Nesta and F6S. It is a £4.5 million initiative funded through European Regional Development Funding.

EDUCATE will bring together educators, researchers and the EdTech industry in order to develop and use the best research informed EdTech.  We will set up a physical and virtual working space where EdTech SMEs and researcher entrepreneurs will work together with researcher, educators and business experts. All SMEs will have aces to research training and support. The focus of activity for the EdTech SMEs will be to help them to:

  • use research evidence to inform the design of their products and services;
  • to work with educators and learners to ensure that their product or service delivers what education needs;
  • to learn how to set up an effective evaluation trial to demonstrate the value of their product or service.

The focus for research entrepreneurs will be on helping them:

  • to develop the business skills and acumen to commercialise their research idea;
  • to work with educators and learners to ensure that their product or service delivers what education needs.

SMEs and researchers will be mentored to work with teachers and parents (their customers) to evaluate their product’s educational value and stimulate the demand.

EDUCATE will translate research into new and better Educational Products, and will stimulate demand for new and improved products.

We will be running events such as what the Research Says and a lot more. We will also looking for people to work on this project, so watch out for the job adverts that will be coming soon.

The EDUCATE Offer to Startups, SMEs founders in the process of forming a business:


All SMEs allocated a research mentor

All researchers/teacher entrepreneurs and SMEs will be allocated a business mentor

All EDUCATE members undergo a business needs identification to specify how best each can be supported.

Basic basic business training as required to enable you to set up and register your business, understand how to account for income and expenditure, register for corporation tax and market your product.

Basic research training to enable you to understand the nature and value of research evidence and the methods that can be used to gather evidence about educational efficacy

Introductions to members of you target market of teachers, parents or learners and help to test and iterate your products or services with real users.

Market entry preparations as required: This includes R&D Tax Credit Services, Accounting Services, Incorporation Services, Grant writing support, Raising seed and angel investment, HR Services, Legal services and Export support.

Business Workshops

Workshop 1: Incorporation, Growing your Edtech Start-up and Company Basics

Workshop 2: Tax and Compliance

Workshop 3: R&D Tax

Workshop 4: Grants

Investor Readiness Support

Workshop on business pitches and what an impact investor wants

Workshop on testing EdTech products in schools and the practical considerations which need to be accounted for.

Annual Showcasing event with promotional / marketing activities for EDUCATE members, past and present.

Mentoring from successful EdTech business individuals who have commercialised their research and maintained their business either from within or from outside academia.

In addition, bespoke training sessions will be organized in response to needs expressed by the community.