The research accelerator programme

Our ambition at EDUCATE is to be at the forefront of designing and developing pioneering EdTech, to revolutionise how teachers teach, and students learn – and to ensure that the UK continues to lead the way in EdTech globally.


Our rigorous and comprehensive training programme is designed to help startups and educators to develop, enhance and deliver their products and services with the use of research evidence.

It is this focus on pedagogical research and ‘what works’ that makes our programme stand out. Entrepreneurs and innovators can be confident that access to reputable evidence will assist them in developing world-class products and services that are effective and marketable, and fit for purpose.


The programme is split into two phases. During Phase 1, participants receive an intensive course of hands-on support through workshops and training sessions.

Phase 2 of the programme then focuses on supporting each company to apply the knowledge they’ve gained to the development of their product.


Throughout the programme we:

☑ help developers use research evidence to inform the design of their product and service

☑ offer opportunities to work directly with educators and learners to ensure products are effective and useful

☑ set up evaluations to demonstrate the value and impact of different ideas

☑ help companies to enhance their business skills and acumen, so they can develop and commercialise their ideas.

UCL EDUCATE is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and in partnership with UCL Engineering, BESA, F6S and Nesta.

We are using our academic and business know-how to bring EdTech products to life.

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