The EdWards

Celebrating evidence-informed EdTech

The EdWard is UCL EDUCATE’s quality mark, a formal recognition that a company has been an active participant on our programme and that their knowledge and/or use of applied research has positively impacted the development of their product.

It is a signal to schools, universities and other education institutions that they can be confident these EdTech companies’ products or services have a sound basis in research and do transform teaching and learning.

“It is a real recognition of our hard work, and an acknowledgement that we’ve made this product the best it can be.” Luke Doyle, SwopBots


The Evidence-Aware Edward is presented to companies that have successfully completed the EDUCATE programme and demonstrated a clear understanding of how to apply research methods within the company’s context.

Meet the 2018 EdWard Recipients


Companies receiving the Evidence-Applied Edward have successfully completed the EDUCATE programme and applied their understanding of research methods to improve the quality of delivery or development of their product.

Meet the 2019 EdWard Recipients

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