The EdWards

Celebrating evidence-informed EdTech

The EdWards were created as part of our mission to raise standards in EdTech.

Research and evidence

As well as celebrating the individual achievements of EDUCATE companies who successfully complete the programme, the EdWards are an important way of helping educators, policy makers, investors and EdTech purchasers make more informed decisions about the EdTech solutions they adopt.

Attaining an EdWards badge signifies not only that a company has completed the programme, but that their knowledge and/or use of applied research has impacted the development of their EdTech product. This is demonstrated by one of two classes of EdWards available for those who complete the core outcomes of the programme – Evidence Aware and Evidence Applied.

Evidence Aware

The Evidence Aware Edward signifies that the company has successfully completed the EDUCATE programme, demonstrating a clear understanding of how to apply research methods within the company’s context.

Evidence Aware EdWard Badge

Evidence Applied

The Evidence Applied Edward signifies that the company, as well as successfully completing the EDUCATE programme, has demonstrated particular merit in applying their understanding of research methods.

Evidence Applied EdWard Badge

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